About Last Night... Antony and the Johnsons EP Release Party

Last night, a small group of old-school Downtown types headed to the offices of P.S.1's radio station (Art Radio WPS1.org), the top two floors of a city building on Leonard Street, for an intimate performance by Antony Hegarty to mark the release of the new Antony and the Johnsons EP Another World. Along with folks like Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Michael Stipe, Thomas Bartlett (of Doveman fame), Cecilia Dean and Zaldy, we entered the space by walking through a lovely-smelling room of toga-clad siren-esque ladies, chanting and swaying in front of large video projections of coral. From there, it was up to the second floor for cocktails, a breathtaking view of the city from the outdoor balcony (we spotted a sad-looking banker type sitting in his fancy Tribeca loft in front of a computer, adding up numbers on a calculator), and for the brave ones, a climb up some twisty stairs to the building's clocktower. At about 9, Antony, along with the aforementioned siren-esque ladies, sang two songs off his EP. In between songs, he marched from the first to the second floor -- and took the audience with him. It was a perfectly eerily and wonderful way to spend a Tuesday night.

Photos by Zach Dilgard

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