The thing about this party was... the place was so sprawling, comfy AND gorgeous and the guests were so damn friendly and lively that is was hard to leave –- and as you all know, Tuesdays in NYC are very much in demand nights when it comes to parties. There were a bazillion TIMO! wallets (designed by Timo Weiland, pictured above) on display and all the pretty ladies (like Annabel Vartanian, Alexandra Richards, Olivia Palermo and Annabelle Dexter-Jones) were clad in Lizze Fortunato jewelry.

The Fortunato twins

Olivia Palermo; Liam McMullan, Leven Rambin and Luigi Tadini

Kristian Laliberte; Ann and Alexander Dexter-Jones

Marco Perego; Eleanor Ylvisaker and Justin Giunta

Leven Rambin and Luigi Tadini; Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Kristian Laliberte