Aaron Rose's Make Something Workshops Start Monday

Elizabeth Thompson

Summertime for most teenagers means being dragged along on to2ally dumb family vacations, holding to2ally dumb jobs and making themselves to2ally dumb from hours parked in front of a television. Filmmaker and artist Aaron Rose, of Alleged Gallery and Beautiful Losers, is here to relieve summertime adolescent  ennui. Rose is behind the Make Something School, a series of D.I.Y. how-to workshops running July 12th through August 17th for kids ages 13-18. Students will be able to study documentary photo with Ari Marcopoulos, puppet-making with Todd James, sign-painting with Jeff Canham, Costume design with Cassette Playa, a mural workshop with Os Gemeos and shoe and garment design with Nike/Converse/Jordan designers. Visit the Make Something School site for additional information and workshop dates. We wish we could enroll! 

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