Summertime for most teenagers means being dragged along on to2ally dumb family vacations, holding to2ally dumb jobs and making themselves to2ally dumb from hours parked in front of a television. Filmmaker and artist Aaron Rose, of Alleged Gallery and Beautiful Losers, is here to relieve summertime adolescent  ennui. Rose is behind the Make Something School, a series of D.I.Y. how-to workshops running July 12th through August 17th for kids ages 13-18. Students will be able to study documentary photo with Ari Marcopoulos, puppet-making with Todd James, sign-painting with Jeff Canham, Costume design with Cassette Playa, a mural workshop with Os Gemeos and shoe and garment design with Nike/Converse/Jordan designers. Visit the Make Something School site for additional information and workshop dates. We wish we could enroll!