A Tinder for Stoners May Be Coming Soon

by Gabby Bess
Image via Weed Porn Daily

Getting stoned alone, in your own room with an idiosyncratic assortment of bodega carbs, is sometimes necessary. Other times, you might want to get stoned with friends but there's one small problem that always gets in the way -- you don't have any.

Thanks to MassRoots and CannaBuild, two-marijuana based startups, smoking up could get a little more social. They're opening up the floor, and funding, for entrepreneurial stoners to pitch their startup concepts at the first Cannabis Startup Competition in Denver. Although they're keeping most of the event details under wraps, some of the pitches have been leaked, including a Tinder-like app for marijuana. 

"The basic idea for the app is to have a Tinder feature where you could find people to smoke with," said event coordinator Dan Hunt. He added that "it's not sexual or romantic at all."

Sure, for the first few weeks of its launch a bunch of really lonely dudes that love weed will finally make friends. But on the Internet, everything turns sexual and romantic and terrifying. At least in this case herb will mellow out the sexual/romantic/terrifying vibes.

[via Fast Company]

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