After Friday night, I can finally cross “See Prince Perform at a Teeny-Tiny Venue” off of my “Things I Must Do Before I Die” list. The concert, held in the penthouse of the Gansevoort Hotel, and sponsored by Inocente Tequila, was to benefit Love 4 One Another Charities and Urban Farming and tickets were going for $1,000. Don’t even ask how I got in –- it involved some seriously frantic phone calls and text messaging early Friday evening -– but somehow I did. The show, which began at midnight and didn't end till 4 a.m., was truly magical (and trust me, I don’t whip out the word magical that often). Prince was in great spirits (he was super smiley and cracked a couple jokes) and in tip-top form. The set list included classics like “Cream,” “Purple Rain,” “1999,” “7” (one of my favorite Prince songs) and a whole bunch of covers like “Come Together,” “Crimson and Clover,” and “Miss You.” Everyone was freaking out, drinking lots of tequila and generally just reveling in Prince’s Prince-iness. Famous types like Spike Lee, Anderson Cooper, Dennis Rodman and Tom Green were all in attendance, as was a very muscular-looking Dave Chappelle (he has been working out a lot, he told the audience), who got up on stage for an impromptu comedy set which involved a joke about being served by a Mexican man at a bar in Africa. All in all, good times.

Photo from New York Times

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