A New Book Looks at the Art World's Star Wars Obsession

by Gary Pini
Tom Sachs, Vader, Mixed Mediums (2009)

Star Wars fanatics -- and art geeks, too -- will get a kick out of a new online-only "book" called Star Warps. The image collection already includes over 400 works by 200 artists including Bill McMullen, The Sucklord, JK5, Kostas Seremetis and many more who use the classic films and characters as a starting point for their own wild re-imaginations and culture jams. New York-based DJ, writer and the recent curator of Rizzoli's book Stickers: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art, DB Burkeman, put the project together over the last couple of years with some help from Philip Kuperberg, who designed and "constructed" the book. DB credits his first Star Wars memories to his mom's friendship with Irvin Kershner, director of The Empire Strikes Back, who would recount the day's events from the film's soundstage in London in the late '70s: "I remember his describing the Millennium Falcon falling apart, and how they had to spend the day busting up vacuum cleaners and hairdryers to glue bits onto the ship." Go HERE and check out "Star Warps" and look below for a little taste.

Ben Turnbull, The Empire Likes Black, 52" x 14" x 7". Wood, acrylic, vinyl, mixed media (2008)

BÄST, Title Unknown, Street Art (2009) (Photo by Sabeth718)

Cédric Delsaux, AT-AT in fog, Dubai. Digital (2009)

INVADER, PA_1051 Paris, Ceramic Tile (2013)

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