A New Art Exhibit Lets You Jump In a Bouncy Boob Castle

by Abby Schreiber

Wanna go for a jump in a bouncy boob castle? No, that's not actually a euphemism. Starting this Thursday, NYC's Museum of Sex (233 Fifth Ave., New York) will be home to Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Playground, a new multi-media, multi-sensory art exhibit from London-based artists Bompas & Parr. The show features five different attractions including the aforementioned boob castle, a mirrored tunnel leading guests on a search for the "G-spot," foreplay derby, a rock wall made out of "orificies and appendages cast from volunteers' anatomies," and an "erotic picture palace" that explores how gender, sexuality and erotica impacted carnival culture throughout history. The show will be on view through spring 2015 and, ahead of its opening, scope a clip of the bouncy boob castle, above.


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