A Margot Tenenbaum-Themed Photoshoot + Yet Another Excuse to Look at David Beckham in Underwear in Today's Style Scraps

Max Kessler

Karl Lagerfeld thinks that LVMH should invest in a Nicolas Ghesiquère line, telling Reuters: "Perhaps Nicolas wants to have his own label, which is not a bad idea. And it would not be a bad idea if somebody such as Bernard Arnault would invest in a new label because there are so many old labels (within the LVMH group)." [via Fashionista, image via Daily Beast]

This shoot in French Glamour combines many things we love, including but not limited to: Margot Tenenbaum as inspiration, an approximation of Margot Tenenbaum's blasé-and-vaguely-scornful stare, and animals. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

There's a new excuse to look at David Beckham in his underwear Christmas campaign for David Beckham and H&M! [via HypeBeast]

Marion Cotillard had to remove her Dior pumps on the red carpet, a first for the actress. Those must have been some very uncomfortable shoes. [via The Cut]

Take a closer look at the absolutely mind-blowing looks (as well as the workmanship that goes into making them) in this backstage/behind the scenes look at the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer '13 show, shot by Sean Frank. [via Press Release]

Burning question: Is Tyra Banks smizing on the new cover of Arise? We're not sure, but she still looks great. [via Design Scene]

Taschen is releasing a new book cataloging the best of industrial designer Marc Newsom's work with G-Star over the years. From the looks of the photographs (including the one of the jacket above), the book will leave us wishing we had a new wardrobe. [via Press Release]

Battle of the Boots! Which do you prefer: the Yuketen high-top 'Dress Hunt' boots on top or the Kris Van Assche high-top sneakers below? [via Upscale Hype]

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