A History of "MTV Spring Break," Part 3: The 00s

Yesterday in our History of "MTV Spring Break," Pt. 2: The 90s, we showed you bikini contests, No Doubt performing "Just A Girl" and old-school Remote Control hosted by Colin Quinn and today: The 00s.

Spring Break during the Naughty Aughties (c. 2000-2010) was also the Cancun era with the Mexican party town playing host six times (other locales included Panama City Beach, Miami, Sunny Isles Beach, Acapulco and Las Vegas in 2011).  Booty shaking and baby making went down courtesy of a soundtrack featuring Sisqo's "Thong Song" (2000), Missy Elliott's "Work It" (2003), and Young Money's "Bedrock" (2010) among other jams.  Check out these clips and more below!

MTV's Spring Break, 2000, Cancun, Mexico : Sisqo performs "Thong Song"

MTV's Spring Break, 2001, Cancun, Mexico: Jessica Simpson performs "Irresistible"

MTV's Spring Break 2002, Cancun, Mexico : Fat Joe and Ashanti perform "What's Love"

MTV's Spring Break 2003, Miami, Florida: Missy Elliott performs "Gossip Folks" and "Work It" during a bikini fashion show

MTV's Spring Break 2004, Cancun, Mexico: Pauly Shore goes in for the kiss with reality TV has-been Randi Cox while Real World: Las Vegas' Trishelle looks on

MTV's Spring Break 2005, Cancun, Mexico: 50 Cent performs "Candy Shop"

MTV's Spring Break 2006, Panama City Beach, Florida and San Diego, California: T.I. performs

MTV's Spring Break 2007, Cancun, Mexico: Fergie performs "Glamorous"

MTV's Spring Break 2008, Sunny Isles Beach and Panama City Beach, Florida: Lupe Fiasco performs "Paris, Tokyo"

MTV's Spring Break 2009, Panama City Beach, Florida: Lil Wayne and Mack Maine perform "Got Money"

MTV's Spring Break 2010, Acapulco, Mexico: Drake, Nicki Minaj and the Young Money Crew perform "Bedrock"


Pauly D sprays champagne and DJs at MTV Spring Break 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada


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