A Good Way to Escape the Heat: Gin & Tonics

Julie Besonen
I'm sick of water and ready for a cooling, bubbly, transporting gin and tonic, the ultimate drink of summer. Nolet's Silver Dry Gin is my new best friend in a bottle. It's from the Ketel One Vodka family, and perhaps because of its lineage, doesn't taste so much like gin. Don't get me wrong, I love juniper, but Nolet's floral, fruity nature is refreshing. It's infused with Turkish rose, peach and raspberry -- and one more point of interest: it's pronounced No-LETT. The brand is Dutch, not French, so don't go around ordering No-LAY. Spirits expert F. Paul Pacult recently named Nolet's the best gin in the world and that's enough for me. Also, a gin & tonic is the most effortless drink I can make in my lethargic state, no shaking or muddling. At $50/bottle it's worth it.

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