A Documentary-Only Movie Theater Is Headed to New York

Were you aware that New York City is woefully lacking in theaters that only screen documentaries? Neither were we. BUT, much like pretzel M&Ms or Facebook, a new doc-only theater is headed to Manhattan and giving the city something it didn't realize it craved. The owners of the nonprofit Downtown Community Television Center in Chinatown have gotten $3.2 million in financing to renovate their space and create a 73-seat theater exclusively screening "first-run nonfiction films," according to NY Times' Arts Beat. While there are many wonderful theaters scattered throughout the city that screen independent films, we're betting that the new venue will be a hit because, much like the recent explosion of restaurants with single item menus, sometimes in the chaos of NYC, the simpler, the better.

The theater is expected to open in 2014.

[New York Times via First Showing/Photo via Flickr]

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