A Christian-Siriano-Filled Weekend!

When I heard that Project Runway boy-wonder Christian Siriano was going to be hosting an art opening for his boyfriend Brad Walsh in Park Slope, and that The Misshapes would be DJing, I, a Park Slope resident, knew that this was maybe the only chance I would ever have to party with a Project Runway winner and The Misshapes in my hood. So my friend and I dragged our North Slope asses all the way to the 20s where we descended several twisty stairs to a small dimly-lit basement apartment, cramped with Walsh's striking nightlife photos, the Misshapes, Bunny (!), Victorya Hong, Melissa from The Real World New Orleans and.... Mr. Siriano, himself! He was a real gent when I introduced myself and seemed a bit weirded out by the fact that all these skinny hipsters were there to catch a glimpse of him!

My Siriano evening did not end there, not it did not! Post-party, we headed to another party, and post-that-party, I headed home, where I was met with my DVR-ed Saturday Night Live. I was pleased as punch to see Amy Adams host and Vampire Weekend play, so it was a super-duper-added bonus when Amy Poehler-as-Christian-Siriano appeared on-screen in a Project Runway spoof (watch the clip above)! How dead-on is Amy Poehler as Christian? And Bill Hader as Tim Gunn is pretty great. This is my favorite little bit:

Christian: Stephanie, I need to tell you something. You are a tranny who looks like a hot mess… And not in a good way. You’re a ticketty-tack tranny, hot mess, out of control, super-tranny from Transylvania, who is not apologizing for it.

Stephanie: Is that good?

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