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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Vic Mensa: Self-Described Misfit, Kanye Protegée and One of Hip-Hop's Most Important New Voices

Vic Mensa: Self-Described Misfit, Kanye Protegée and One of Hip-Hop's Most Important New Voices
Even if you don't know who Vic Mensa is, seeing him walk into a room will make your head turn. The 22-year-old Chicago-based rapper, who, on the day we meet, has frosted tips and is wearing graphic black-and-white custom...… Read Full Story

DrinkMate is Both the Best App and the Best Case for Peer Pressure

Hey look, it's the rare extraneous-seeming iPhone app/accessory that actually looks like a really good idea! DrinkMate is a tiny breathalyzer that, just by plugging into your phone, can tell you legitimately important information like -- how long will it... Read Full Story

This Video of Shia LaBeouf Threatening His Girlfriend Is Deeply Disturbing

Photo by Matteo Prandoni/BFAShia LaBeouf got kind of scary during a very public fight with his longtime girlfriend Mia Goth in Turbigen, Germany over the weekend. The fight, which was captured on video and is now on online courtesy of... Read Full Story

"I Had a Foursome Like Last Week": The Wild Life of Model-Boxer-Photographer, Charlie Himmelstein

PAPER's no stranger to getting smoking hot dudes to answer personal questions: just peruse the Model-Crush Monday archives for proof. But with Charlie Himmelstein, the boxer-turned-model-turned-photographer, we went deeper than our usual TMI Questionnaire. The Friday Night Throwdown champ... Read Full Story

Watch Jaden Smith's Siren-Drenched, Paranoia-Filled Video for "Scarface"

"Who do I trust? Me!" An attitude that fits perfectly with the vibe of Jaden Smith's beautifully-styled, paranoia-filled clip for the aptly-named "Scarface," shot by friend/former Hannah Montana star Moises Arias.Lyrically-speaking, it's surprisingly...straightforward, though we ain't hating -- as the mystical spook... Read Full Story

Read This Obituary For Neopets, Which Is on Its Last Legs

Neopets was a long-time staple of the late-90s/early-aughts internet, for perhaps longer than any brightly colored, kitschy virtual pet community deserved to be. But the basic principle made sense -- get some pets, grow attached to them, invest a ton... Read Full Story

Kate Hudson's "Trap Queen" Dance With Her Son is Way Too Well-Choreographed

You may have already seen this goofy, delightful Instagram video of Kate Hudson and her 11-year-old son Ryder dancing to Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" while apparently waiting for their flight in an airport. How we deal with airport lounge boredom...... Read Full Story

Walk Of Shame: No One Came To This Straight Pride Parade

So over the weekend, blogger/dude with major FOMO Anthony Rebello decided it was time to celebrate "equality" by organizing his very own "Straight Pride" parade -- and surprise, he was the only one who showed up.Armed with nothing more than... Read Full Story

Khloe Calls Kylie's Relationship with Tyga a "Special Case" in Complex, Discusses Caitlyn

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on Jul 27, 2015 at 7:16am PDT Khloé, the Kardashian who is always keeping shit real, is joining her sister Kim and becoming a coveted cover star in her own right -- as... Read Full Story

Watch Florence and the Machine's Devastating New Short Film

  Florence and the Machine have released a double music video for both "Queen of Peace" and "Long and Lost." The two tracks, off of the band's latest How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful LP, are set to a... Read Full Story