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Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Leikeli47, Rap's Most Mysterious MC, Is Back With a New Video

Leikeli47, Rap's Most Mysterious MC, Is Back With a New Video
Our favorite balaclava-clad mystery rapper, Leikeli47, is back with a new video, "Two Times a Charm," which we're excited to be premiering on PAPER. We still don't know much about her -- nor whether this video & track will...… Read Full Story

Morning Funnies: The World's Worst DJ is a Bro's Worst Nightmare

You might know Kevin Wang's switch-and-bait dub step beats as "Best Drops Ever" on SoundCloud. But watching unsuspecting bros disappointedly dance to Justin Bieber is so much more fun. [via The Daily Dot]   This hair metal parakeet does Taylor... Read Full Story
Madonna, The Beastie Boys + The Clash Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Madonna, The Beastie Boys + The Clash Like You've Never Seen Them Before

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10 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week

Lee Quiñones • Howard the Duck, 1988 • Oil on canvas • Museum of the City of New York, gift of Martin Wong, 94.114.1Fans of street art, graffiti and calligraffiti have a lot to see this week starting with your... Read Full Story

Michael Musto's Definitive Ranking of the Top 10 Broadway Divas Onstage Today

I love a Broadway star, especially one that's female and in musicals. And so, without an overture or any other further ado, here's my rundown of the 10 best we have going today. Hopefully this will quell those persistent claims... Read Full Story

Artists Jayson Musson and Alex da Corte Play Easternsports

When asked what was the inspiration behind Easternsports -- Jayson Musson and Alex da Corte's first collaborative piece that opens September 19th at ICA Philadelphia -- the contemporary artists listed off references ranging from Ja Rule, Missy Elliot, MC Hammer,... Read Full Story

Fran Lebowitz to Tourists: "Stay Home"

Fran Lebowitz loves to talk -- so much so that when Martin Scorsese made a documentary about her he called it Public Speaking. But before she was one of the world's greatest talkers, she made her name as a writer;... Read Full Story

Interpol's "Twice As Hard" Video Will Make You Want to Get Off Your Lazy Ass

Sorry, no band appearances here. There are, however, boxers (male and female) working out in a gym -- an appropriate accompaniment to Interpol's new clip for "Twice As Hard." And frontman Paul Banks is back as director for the... Read Full Story

The Triumphant Return of Snoop's White Alter Ego, Todd

Snoop is BAAAAACk with his terrifying White Guys Connect character, Todd. "So says Todd." [SnoopDogg]  AND THIS: Never stop, Snoop.  Shove it up your ass with this "Shove it up your ass:" supercut. Ass. Shove. It. Yours. Up. [Uproxx] The majesty... Read Full Story

Melissa Auf der Maur's Film Festival Is Better Than Your Film Festival

Since 2008, former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Melissa Auf der Maur, has been living in Hudson, New York with her husband, filmmaker Tony Stone. In 2010, the couple bought Basilica Hudson, a 19th century railroad foundry, which was... Read Full Story