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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Lily Allen Calls Out Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lorde + More In "Sheezus" Video

Lily Allen Calls Out Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lorde + More In
Lily Allen has words for RiRi, Lorde, Bey, Katy, Gaga: she "wants that crown, bitch." In "Sheezus," the titular song off her forthcoming album, Allen wastes no time proclaiming her comeback (pff, as if she ever left!), telling her...… Read Full Story

Stephen Colbert Delivered His Own Top 10 List Last Night

Stephen Colbert read a Top 10 list to David Letterman last night that he wrote when he applied to be a writer on the Late Show almost 20 years ago. [Uproxx] Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler play "It's not... Read Full Story

John Waters' Greatest Paper Quotes

In honor of the one and only cinema legend and pope of trash John Waters' birthday today, we've rounded up all of our favorite Waters' Paper soundbites from over the years. A three-time Paper cover star, Waters is one of... Read Full Story

London Grammar Is Gonna Dominate Your Summer Music Playlist

Incredibly beautiful clip from a band that is going to be BIG -- and we haven't said that since we tipped you to HAIM several years ago. Whether you're already a fan of London Grammar, or have never heard... Read Full Story

Confessions of a Finance Guy-Turned-Brooklyn Party Promoter

In our new series "True Life," we're tipping our hats to MTV's bingeworthy docu-show and publishing the best confessions, anecdotes, and blind item gossip unearthed from the worlds of nightlife, fashion, Hollywood and beyond. First up: a former finance guy... Read Full Story
All the Cuties at New Party Duh Fridays

All the Cuties at New Party Duh Fridays

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Dad Baby Will Haunt Your Dreams

Hey Dad Baby! Please don't kill us! [via The Clearly Dope]Tuesday morning to-do list. [via Afternoon Snooze Button] Happy spring everybody! Here's some bunnies doing it on-air during a local news broadcast. [via Hyper Vocal]Dream gown. via The Clearly Dope]What... Read Full Story
tv Recapping the Mad Men Recaps: All In a Day's Work

Recapping the Mad Men Recaps: All In a Day's Work

Each week PAPER helps you sort through your feelings about Mad Men by rounding up the best and brightest of the MM recaps. Join us below, as we slam the door shut before Don can say "I love you" back. ... Read Full Story

Tennessee Thomas On Bushwick's Best Book Shop

var buster=Math.random();document.write(''); document.write(''); "I love Molasses books," says actress and musician Tennessee Thomas of the cozy Bushwick used book store and coffee shop where Paper and Gap caught up with Thomas in her Gap Roll Sleeve Henley. (See how Thomas... Read Full Story

The Lamb of Wall Street: Dana Giacchetto's Third Act

Giacchetto with Daphne Guinness. [Photo via Twitter]Dana Giacchetto, the man convicted of fraud and misappropriating up to $10 million from celebrity clients in 2000, is back in the news. Once dubbed as "Investment Adviser to the Stars" he was a... Read Full Story