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Monday, August 3, 2015
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Scenes From Full Moon Fest

Scenes From Full Moon Fest
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Kool A.D. Forecasts Your August Horoscopes

Trouble with love? Work problems? Mercury retrograde? Don't worry. Rapper, author of the forthcoming novel O.K. (Sorry House), and expert astrological navigator, Kool A.D. will safely guide you through the coming month. LEOGet a beer with a Cancer and a... View Gallery »

David Lynch-Meets-Tim & Eric In Gothic Tropic's "Puppet Master" Video

[Photo by Cara Robbins]LA-based psych-pop band Gothic Tropic, are hard at work on their debut LP, FASTorFEAST, out early next year, and in the meantime, we're excited to be premiering the video for a new standalone single, "Puppet Master." Set... View Gallery »

The Trailer for Zoolander 2 Asks an Important Question

Namely, "if God exists, why did he make ugly people?" A conundrum for the blue-steeled ages. Watch the first trailer for Zoolander 2, out next year, above.... View Gallery »

Study Says Marijuana Helps Heal Broken Bones Faster

photo by James St.John/FlickrForget milk, because in addition to helping PTSD sufferers and chemo patients, it looks like weed could also help heal broken bones -- or at least that's what a new study from Tel Aviv University purports.According to... View Gallery »

The Sunday Funnies

Meet your new favorite Tumblr, Deep Donald, featuring nightmarish photos of Donald Drump that have been through Google's trippy DeepDream Generator. [via Friday Superlatives] Hit button for emo. [Mlkshk]Billy Corgan sadly riding Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland reaches its logical... View Gallery »

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Most Cringeworthy Movie Clip: A scene from Lifetime's unauthorized Full House movie was released, sooo it looks like we have our answer. -- Taylor Silver [Photo via Instagram]Baby News of the Week: Ice-T and Coco are expecting! Congrats you... View Gallery »

Confession: Potato Chip Sandwiches Are Delicious And Now There's A Store Dedicated To Them

Monster Munch with salad creamUnpopular opinion: the UK is not a "culinary wasteland." Sure, I once traveled 2+ hours to get to one of England's 3 Taco Bells, but for the most part who wouldn't enjoy a cuisine whose cornerstones... View Gallery »

Kanye Loves Ellen DeGeneres' New Line of Linen Kale Coasters

photo by John Salangsang/BFAEllen has officially gone into e-commerce with the opening of her clothing/lifestyle site, ED By Ellen Degeneres -- which I'm 90% sure is a front for J. Crew, because yaaaas, late capitalism!Featuring an classic prep-chic line of... View Gallery »

Katy Perry Might Get to Buy a Convent After All

Benjamin Lozovsky/BFAnyc.comDid you know that Katy Perry tried to buy a former convent in Los Angeles from Sisters of the Most Holy? Now you do! And did you know that someone else tried to buy the building, but that courts... View Gallery »