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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Even Carine Roitfeld F*cks Up On Instagram

Even Carine Roitfeld F*cks Up On Instagram
Even fashion's chicest, most seemingly impenetrable doyennes are human. Case in point, Anna Wintour's ALS Bucket Challenge Video and, last night, this charming, now-deleted Instagram typo from Carine Roitfeld backstage at Tom Ford's London Fashion Week show. We all...… Read Full Story

Rapper Kool A.D. Has Real Strong Opinions on Sky Mall and Barf Bags

via InstagramKool A.D. -- formerly one-half of Das Racist -- has always had a lyrical penchant for semi-serious jokes. Although the rapper has since struck out on his own, a line from Das Racist's Sit Down, Man still holds... Read Full Story

UK Singer Charlotte OC Is About to Blow Up

(Photo by Jay McLaughlin)Hailing from Blackburn, U.K., singer-songwriter Charlotte OC first began playing music when she was five years old and writing songs at the age of 15. She struggled with academics and never attended university, explaining that music is... Read Full Story
tv Watch Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Smoke Weed and Eat an Insane Amount of Cereal

Watch Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Smoke Weed and Eat an Insane Amount of Cereal

Our favorite stoner girls and beautiful people, Abbi and Ilana are thankfully back -- and as high and as hungry as ever. In the first installment of their new web series, Hack Into Broad City, the duo toke up... Read Full Story

Mr. Brainwash: A Street Art Impostor or the "Mozart of Our Century"?

Mr. BrainwashThe legend of Mr. Brainwash, also known as Thierry Guetta and occasionally just MBW, is one of the most extraordinary in modern art. As a compulsive documentarian of his ever waking moment (30,000 hours of footage in 12 years),... Read Full Story

Childish Gambino Unveils A Surprising New Slow Jam, "Sober"

Childish Gambino -- AKA Donald Glover AKA Troy Barnes from our favorite cancelled-jk-not-cancelled roller coaster of a show, Community -- is back with a new slow jam. The airy R&B track is an ode to a PG-rated love that... Read Full Story

Tommy Chong's Weed-tastic Routine on Dancing With the Stars Is Absolutely the Best

Last night was the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars and Tommy Chong's routine was an absolute delight. First, he shows up to the stage in a blaze of smoke and in a fuckin'  lowrider with Cheech Marin by... Read Full Story

The Fashion Industry Finally Gets Something Right

Model Chantelle Brown-Young for Desigual.Anyone who was hovering outside the tents at New York Fashion Week -- hoping to get snapped for a street style roundup -- or waiting in line for hours to get into invite only after-party, knows... Read Full Story

Youth In Revolt: Tavi Gevinson's Broadway Debut

Tavi wears a Comme des Garcons shirt, Ikram skirt, Alexander McQueen boots.This fall, as her fellow Oak Park and River Forest High School alums get settled into their college dorms, Chicago native Tavi Gevinson will be making her Broadway debut... Read Full Story

BANKS Is the Hottest Girl In Music

Suit by Christopher Kane.L.A. dark-pop singer Banks has kept a low profile since she set SoundCloud on fire last year with a handful of steamy singles, but on her strong debut album, Goddess (out September 9 on Harvest Records),... Read Full Story