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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Kendrick Lamar's Back With Uplifting New Single, "i"

Kendrick Lamar's Back With Uplifting New Single,
Kendrick Lamar dropped released his first new music since 2012 this morning. "i," the much-anticipated new single off his upcoming new album (which doesn't have a release date), is uncharacteristically positive and upbeat, sampling The Isley Brothers' "Who's That...… Read Full Story

Ellen Added Herself Into Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial

Ellen added herself into Matthew McConaughey's cuckoo Lincoln commercial and it's a real treat. [via Ellen] Jimmy Kimmel went around asking people on the street who was smarter -- people from LA or people from New York. Their answers... Read Full Story
The Big Butt Book 3D Will Devour Us All

The Big Butt Book 3D Will Devour Us All

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Singer-Songwriter Lail Arad Wrote a Beautiful Love Letter to Leonard Cohen

UK singer-songwriter Lail Arad recently paid a visit to the PAPER kitchen to perform a few songs off her forthcoming sophomore album, Watch This Space (out next year) and tell us a bit more about her music background and the... Read Full Story

The Wonderful World of Catherine Baba

Australian-born, Paris-based Catherine Baba is not only one of the most incredible stylists around; she also speaks her own irresistible language that's equal parts Diana Vreeland and Dr. Seuss. We asked her to style herself as she fashionably flitted about... Read Full Story
amfAR Milano: the Most Glamorous Party of Milan Fashion Week

amfAR Milano: the Most Glamorous Party of Milan Fashion Week

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ICYMI: Watch Home Movies of Beyoncé and Jay Z's Wedding From HBO's "On the Run Tour"

In case you weren't glued to your TV on Saturday night eating a dinner of Cheetos and red wine (just us?) while watching Beyoncé and Jay Z's HBO concert special, "On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z," the... Read Full Story

Watch Ariel Pink's Strange Ode to Catcalling, "Put Your Number in My Phone"

Among many other other things, the video for Ariel Pink's "Put Your Number in My Phone" is a very serious fashion moment. The singer attempts to pickup women in a suburban shopping mall wearing a turquoise cowboy hat, a... Read Full Story

An Alaska News Reporter Quits On Air In the Best Way Possible

Watch this Alaska news reporter reveal that she is actually the owner of the very Cannibis Club she had just done an investigative report on (hello, conflict of interest) and then spectacularly quit with the F bomb. Slow claps... Read Full Story

10 Celebrity Stoners That Should Be Waka Flocka's Official Blunt Roller

When Waka Flocka Flame announced via Instagram that he was in the market for a blunt roller hundreds of hopefuls applied for the job by tweeting the hashtag #ICanRoll. While many tried, only one was victorious: Seth Rogen. Obviously, the... Read Full Story