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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Shamir's Call It Off Relationship Hotline Is Live!

Shamir's Call It Off Relationship Hotline Is Live!
Earlier this year, XL darling/Muppet extra Shamir announced a love advice hotline, bluntly named "Call It Off" in honor of his eponymous single. And earlier today a video of a few of those responses finally surfaced.Highlights of this edition include...… Read Full Story

Justin Bieber Covers Boyz II Men -- In a Fedora

Justin Bieber's recent campaign to rehabilitate his image, and maybe go back to being considered some kind of actual pop star instead of a global joke, has had its ups and downs. Sure, his car karaoke with James Corden... Read Full Story

WTF Is Kylie Jenner Talking About? We Break Down the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

[Photo via Instagram]If you follow Kylie Jenner on Twitter, you might have noticed something odd pop up in your feed yesterday evening. It was a photo, presented without comment or context, of airplane contrails -- that cloud-like vapor formed in... Read Full Story

Red Bull Music Academy Goes Out With Arthur Russell and a Bang

Yes, the folks at the Red Bull Music Academy are always ready to party.  But they're also willing to keep everything in perspective by putting together great events that take a look at the history of New York City nightlife. ... Read Full Story

Trans Model Hari Nef Signs to IMG

photo by Kathy LoOne of Paper's Beautiful People Class of 2015, Hari Nef is a verifiable triple-threat who's been making waves this past year as one of fashion's frontrunners, and it looks like the bigwigs are finally noticing. As of... Read Full Story

Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield On Her New Album, her Walking Dead Placement and Her 75% Pronounceable Band Name

Waxahatchee's Cerulean Salt was the kind of album that snuck up on you. What seemed at first like a collection of punchy indie-pop and unguarded acoustic ballads eventually wormed its way into your life until it became an old friend, always... Read Full Story

Icona Pop Debut New Siren-Laden Single "Emergency"

Just in time for the beginning of "Song of the Summer" watch, Swedish duo Icona Pop have a new track, "Emergency." Filled with synthesized sirens, ample "woohoo" hooks and jazz-inspired vocals courtesy of fellow Swedish popstar Eric Hassle, it's an... Read Full Story
tv The Bachelorette Episode 2: Thank God for Amy Schumer

The Bachelorette Episode 2: Thank God for Amy Schumer

Hello! I hope this recap finds you discussing hookups over spa water, just like Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn. "If I'm feeling it I'm going to go for it," she tells Harrison at the beginning of the episode, which is clearly... Read Full Story

Lilly Pulitzer's New Prints Include Fat-Shaming Cartoons

photo via The CutEarlier this morning, The Cut posted a slideshow of photos from their tour of the Lilly Pulitzer offices -- you know, the people who have already gotten ample flack for the ideas of class and privilege their... Read Full Story

Hear Ty Dolla $ign's New West Coast Track With Kendrick Lamar

Ty Dolla $ign's latest, Free TC, is out September 4. But between now and then, there's "L.A.," an ode to the city featuring, appropriately, Kendrick Lamar (in "rapping his ass off mode"), maybe the most famous L.A. rapper of the... Read Full Story