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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Mac DeMarco's Oddball New Video Is Not For High People (Or Maybe It Really Is)

Mac DeMarco's Oddball New Video Is Not For High People (Or Maybe It Really Is)
Our favorite Brooklyn-by-way-of-Montreal singer/guitarist/art punk party prankster, Mac DeMarco, has a new music video out today for his Salad Days track, "Chamber of Reflection." The '80s synth-heavy jam gets sludged up and zoinked out here, which works, we guess,...… Read Full Story

A MTV China VJ Tells Us Where to Party In Beijing

Name?Nik WangAge?23Where do you live?BeijingWhat do you do there?I'm an MTV VJ and a blogger.What Chinese bands or DJs are you obsessed with right now?I like Reflector, Gala, Omnipotent Youth Society and DJ Wordy. Reflector is punk, Gala and Omnipotent... Read Full Story

The 13 Best NYC Clubs In History

I've been to a lot of nightclubs in my time -- and my time ain't over yet. So I've thought back on all the pomp and revelry and compiled a glittering list of the 13 greatest nightspots I've ever known... Read Full Story

Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence" Video: Wedding Dresses and Finger Sucking

Never one to stray from her nostalgic fantasies and grainy daydreams, Lana Del Rey's new video for the title track off her latest album, Ultraviolence, follows the heartbroken songstress in a wedding dress, as she walks through a lush garden... Read Full Story
Hot Damn: Backstage with 2015 Pirelli Calendar Girls

Hot Damn: Backstage with 2015 Pirelli Calendar Girls

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Janelle Monáe Is the Coolest Sorority Girl We Know In New "Electric Lady" Video

Finally the title track off of Janelle Monáe's latest album, The Electric Lady, gets a video and in it, we see the singer like (almost) never before: in casual separates. She gets rid of the pompadour and suit in... Read Full Story

The Roots React To the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer ... With an Extra Scene Added

The Roots react to the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer....with a very special surprise added to it. [Uproxx]  Someone removed all the jokes from Seinfeld, Friends and the Big Bang Theory and just left the plot. Here's the Junior... Read Full Story

Listen to Sufjan Stevens' Cover of Arthur Russell's "A Little Lost"

The Red Hot Organization's upcoming tribute album to late avant-garde cellist and composer Arthur Russell won't be released until October 21st, but today we're getting a sneak peek of its offerings with Sufjan Stevens' gorgeous, expansive cover of Russell's... Read Full Story

DMX Does Not Do Well On Roller Coasters

If you haven't watched this delightful video of DMX losing his damn mind on a roller coaster then you're really missing out. The grainy clip opens with the rapper shouting to a friend, "This is some scary shit! Scary... Read Full Story

The Beyoncé and Jay Z Divorce Rumors: A History of Gossip, Coded Instagram Pics and An Elevator

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/PatrickMcMullan.com)With soul-crushing rumors about an impending Beyoncé-Jay Z split heating up this week, we look back at all of the cuckoo gossip stories, cryptic Instagram photos, and strife (real and imagined) within the House of Carters that,... Read Full Story