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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Hear Kurt Cobain Cover the Beatles' "And I Love Her"

Hear Kurt Cobain Cover the Beatles'
One of the most poignant discoveries Brett Morgan made as he excavated a storage facility full of Kurt Cobain's stuff -- stuff that would become the building blocks of his brutal and beautiful documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck...… Read Full Story

Here's the Trailer For the New Documentary On Martin Margiela

"By not showing his identity, I think that Martin Margiela became more exciting," fashion critic Suzy Menkes says in the trailer for The Artist Is Absent: A Short Film On Martin Margiela. "People wondered what he was like. There... Read Full Story

Director Brett Morgen on Betrayal, Grief and "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck"

There is no chronological neatness to the release of Brett Morgen's documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. It arrives 24 years after Nevermind, Nirvana's breakthrough album; 22 after In Utero, their last; and 21 after Cobain's death. So why now?... Read Full Story

Watch the Jurassic World Trailer, Feel Paranoid Contact-High

Because it's 4/20, and because it's become clear that Jeff Goldblum is happier as a knot store proprietor than a fast-talkin' quantum scientist, and because Chris Pratt seems to have stepped into the void as a hunky, chilled-out dinosaur whisperer...... Read Full Story

Five Of Our Favorite Celebs on Their First Time Getting Stoned

(Photo via Instagram) Earlier today, Demi Lovato posted a 4/20 appropriate throwback on Instagram featuring the "Disney High Class of '09." In that vein, we've dug up some more anecdotes from green-friendly celebs about the first time they got high.... Read Full Story

These "Realistic Stock Photos" Of People Smoking Weed Are the Best

Photo by Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy AllianceBesides offering a great excuse to cut out of work early and get high af, 4/20 is a good time to take stock of current debates happening around the legalization of marijuana and, more... Read Full Story

S&M-Tinged Love Affairs and Drug Busts: Watch the Jamaican Queens New Video, "Love Is Impossible"

We've been fans of Detroit-based three-piece Jamaican Queens since they first came by PAPER HQ to perform a set in our kitchen and, since then, the "self-proclaimed 'Detroit trap pop' group" has been busy recording follow-ups to their 2013... Read Full Story

Inside Our American Dream Issue

In this issue, on stands April 27th, you'll meet our American Dreamers. We have crisscrossed the country talking to people who are challenging, igniting and reinventing the system in an effort to leave this place better than how they... Read Full Story

Kanye West: In His Own Words

I know people want to talk about the American Dream, but my dream is a world dream. It's a world in which everyone's main goal would be to help each other. The first thing I told my team on New... Read Full Story

Watch Florence Welch & Father John Misty Dedicate "Love Hurts" to Flo's Right Foot

Because we all woke up this rainy Monday morning wondering, "Yes but what is the definitive version of 'Love Hurts'?" here is a stark, lovely and, we hope, healing new rendition, courtesy of Florence Welch and special guest Father... Read Full Story