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Monday, September 1, 2014
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Dolly Parton's ALS Ice Bucket Is a Delight. (Because Duh.)

Dolly Parton's ALS Ice Bucket Is a Delight. (Because Duh.)
The freshly-baked-sugar-cookies-scented ray of Tennessee sunshine that is Dolly Parton recently took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the dare of Kenny Rogers and it is, to be expected, delightful. When the person filming urges Dolly to take off...… Read Full Story

Rich White Ladies Are Making Tennis Their Bitch

It's pretty much impossible to resist the verdant opulence of the tennis court, whether that means worshipping it, critiquing it or straight up subverting it. Anna Wintour watches US Open games in dresses she was just seen wearing in... Read Full Story

Juliette Lewis Channels Her Inner Riot Grrrl for Kelly & Cal

(Photo by Billy Farrell / BFAnyc.com)Juliette Lewis is holed up in her car in a Wilmington, North Carolina Whole Foods parking lot. It's around 100 degrees outside by her own estimation and she's got the air conditioner cranked as she... Read Full Story
Scenes from DKNY Jeans x Raat City's

Scenes from DKNY Jeans x Raat City's "New Art City" Group Show

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Medical Marijuana and Why Governor Cuomo Can't Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

(Photo by Carly Otness/BFAnyc.com)The sopping wet army of ALS Ice Bucket challengers now includes 26 governors among its ranks, but one state head can't join them in good conscience. New York's Andrew Cuomo received the challenge from his Republican gubernatorial... Read Full Story

Our Guide to Labor Day in NYC

It's a three-day weekend party in the USA, what what! Even if you're not spending 72 straight hours drinking cans of Bud Heavy on a dock somewhere this weekend (in other words, you're stuck in the city), we've got you... Read Full Story

This Boy's Reaction to His Mom's Pregnancy is EXASPERATING

This little boy just found out his mom is having another baby and it's EXASPERATING. [TastefullyOffensive] Snoop Dogg teaches the children about baboons on Jimmy Kimme's nature program, Plizzanet Earth. [Uproxx] If you need us, we'll be channeling this... Read Full Story

Six Movies Not To Miss In September

Love Is StrangeA tender portrait of two aging lovers, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina), who finally decide to marry after 39 years together. Unfortunately it results in George losing his job as a music teacher and they are... Read Full Story

James Franco Explains Kinky Sex For You

"Hair pulling, spitting, molesting the titties...and then we'll get you on your hands and knees and finger bang you to orgasm." So says a fetish porn director to an actress filming a scene in Kink, the amazing new documentary... Read Full Story

10 New Indie Books and Zines That We Love Right Now

1. Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book by Various The Nicolas Cage book of our nightmares dreams is finally a reality. Only with your help can Nicolas become uncaged, get dressed, and hit on illustrated women. The book features... Read Full Story