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Monday, October 20, 2014
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Julian Casablancas Wants You to Enjoy Your Brunch

Julian Casablancas Wants You to Enjoy Your Brunch
Image via PatrickMcMullan.comBREAKING NEWS: Julian Casablancas is actually cool with brunch. for the record, i was specifically joking about when people dress up like it's the kentucky derby for LES brunch.-- Julian Casablancas (@Casablancas_J) October 20, 2014 i am not...… Read Full Story

Watch FKA Twigs' Google Glass Short Film, #throughglass

FKA Twigs released a short film that she directed and stars in, made with the help of Google Glass, aptly titled #throughglass. In the video, above, the singer and hair icon busts out some serious dance moves to re-scored versions... Read Full Story

Shia LaBeouf: Not Actually An Insane Person, Just A Douchey Guy

via Interview magazine As it turns out, Shia LaBeouf isn't a full-on insane person -- he's just what happens when that annoyingly pretentious guy that you hated/dated in college gets famous. In a surprisingly earnest -- but no less maddening... Read Full Story

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On Is Baaack

Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp's adorable, gravelly voiced, one-eyed, shoe-wearing shell, Marcel, is back with a new web video three years after we last heard from him. The couple timed the release of the new clip with the publication... Read Full Story
Pics From the Craziest Party of the Weekend: Holy Mountain

Pics From the Craziest Party of the Weekend: Holy Mountain

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Here's What You Need to See at CMJ

The term "marathon" can drum up a lot of conflicted feelings. Running a marathon? Great. A huge, endorphin-boosting accomplishment that you can annoy your friends with by bringing it up at every possible turn. On the other hand, running is... Read Full Story

Listen to the Leaked Drake Track "How About Now"

Last night, a teenager from Marietta, Georgia uploaded a mysterious Drake track to SoundCloud. The original upload has since been taken down but the song still lives in various corners of the Internet and in our hearts. It's unclear if... Read Full Story

Elijah Wood Took the Best-Ever Photo with a Fan

Elijah Wood took a magical, magical photo with a fan. Gaze upon it in wonder. [Reddit]  This old man singing "Great Balls of Fire" is our new karaoke hero. [Uproxx]Pretty much us all through high school. [TastefullyOffensive] Bathing beauty. [Mlkshk]But it... Read Full Story

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Most Fashionable Bagel of the Week: This Chanel bag that turned out to be a knockoff. Obviously, Chanel doesn't do carbs. -- Gabby BessFinest Line Between Reality and Parody of the Week: Today Vice tweeted "Are Zit-Squeezing Videos the New... Read Full Story

Happy Friday! Here's a Video of Kanye Turning Up to the 80s Jam "Take On Me"

TGIF. Remember when Kanye West used to actually smile?... Read Full Story