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Friday, October 9, 2015
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Someone Is Trying To Raise Money To Save Matt Damon From Mars

Someone Is Trying To Raise Money To Save Matt Damon From Mars
In what is perhaps the LOL-iest scam of all time, one Kyle Douglas M. is trying to raise $99 million dollars on GoFundMe in an attempt to "rescue Matt Damon from Mars" -- you know, seeing as how Damon's latest...… Read Full Story

Troll My Friends: Is LCD Soundsystem Reuniting?

Beloved indie dance group LCD Soundsystem definitively broke up in 2011 after three albums with a series of shows at Madison Square Garden chronicled in both the live album The Long Goodbye and the documentary Shut Up and Play the... Read Full Story

Willow Smith And Chance the Rapper Just Interviewed Each Other

Willow Smith and Chance the Rapper, are two of the most creative and forward-thinking minds in their generation -- so it's no surprise that when they sat down to interview each other for FADER's Vitaminwater #uncapped series, sparks flew. TBH... Read Full Story

"It Me," You And Everyone We Know: A Look At The Web's Most Ambiguous Meme

it me pic.twitter.com/ywTxesKsiG-- Charlotte Zoller (@cz77) October 5, 2015 On the Internet in 2015 it's tacitly understood that we can trace most memes back to black people, that every couple of minutes a black kid somewhere is probably coming up... Read Full Story

Christine And The Queens Team Up With Perfume Genius For The Tender "Jonathan"

Bring on the Thursday weepies, because French pop artist Christine and the Queens has just collaborated on a track with Perfume Genius, and it's indescribable levels of beautiful. Dubbed "Jonathan," Christine said she wrote the song "because my lover would ignore... Read Full Story

10 Rising UK R&B Artists You Need to Jump On

"I have that throbbing energy, and I accept it, and I harness it when I need to," FKA twigs said in our new cover story. The music star is quickly becoming the face of emotional, soulful British R&B, a genre... Read Full Story

Watch Oscilloscope's Jamel Shabazz Documentary Now

Photographer Jamel Shabazz is one of the most important figures documenting the early days of hip-hop -- his career is full of classic photos from the '80s and beyond, and has been featured in everything from the recent doc Fresh... Read Full Story

"Whatever He Was Rapping About, It Was Urgent:" Eminem on the Genius of Tupac

For our October 'Nowstalgia' issue, on stands 10/20, we asked three rap icons to pay tribute to lost leaders of the game. Go here to read Kendrick Lamar's piece on Eazy-E and stay tuned for Swizz Beatz on the Notorious... Read Full Story

The Kawaii Trump Tumblr Gives Donald A Makeover

Everyone's most hated finance bro-cum-political ham Donald Trump has just been given the QT treatment via the brilliant Kawaii Trump Tumblr, which is doing everything from giving him cotton candy pink hair to slathering his photo ops with sparkly... Read Full Story
tv Watch Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Feel the Spa Burn

Watch Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Feel the Spa Burn

Hack Into Broad City is a great idea -- it's short, bite-sized sketches that give us enough of Abbi and Ilana to tide us over until the new season of the show proper. (And the video chat format likely makes... Read Full Story