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This Oreo Commercial Is So Twee

1.  This new Oreo commercial really is over-the-top twee. [via Jezebel]2.  Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories, which is out in a week, is now streaming on iTunes. [via Pitchfork]3.  The Bluth Banana Stand… Read Full Story

Beer Drones Coming to This Summer's Music Festivals

1. The spire at the top of the new World Trade Center was installed today. (City Room, photo by Josh Friedman)2. A look at the phenomenon of musicians re-recording their hits (which we recently discussed… Read Full Story
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This Guy Does the Best Impression of Nic Cage Acting in a Horror Movie

1.  Netherlands comedian Ronald Goedemondt does the best impression of Nicolas Cage we've ever seen. Also, his "horror movie that Nicolas Cage would be in" concept is pretty damn accurate. [via Death and Taxes]2.  Target's… Read Full Story
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There's an Actual Bluth Banana Stand Touring Around

1.  There's a real live Bluth Banana Stand going on tour in the weeks leading up to the Arrested Development premiere on May 26th. Right now it's in England, but it will be coming to… Read Full Story
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Here's "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Reggie Watts

1.  Here's "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Reggie Watts. Watching Watts sing-narrate a fairy tale on the spot is priceless. [via Comedy Nerds United]2.  In case you were wondering about how long Downton Abbey… Read Full Story

Suzy Menkes Is Not a Fan of the Met's New Punk Exhibit

1.  Suzy Menkes is not a fan of the Met's new punk exhibit, "PUNK: Chaos to Couture." Menkes wrote an article for the Times wherein she calls the exhibit "sanitized," "bloodless" and "dull." It's worth… Read Full Story
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It's a Great Day for Science

1.  Men with beards rejoice: a new study suggests that on average, women and straight men find men with heavy stubble more attractive and think men with beards make better fathers. I can attest that… Read Full Story
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The Times Re-Rediscovers Brooklyn, Is More Embarrassing This Time

1.  The New York Times has really outdone itself with a "satirical" -- but still completely embarrassing -- article on Brooklyn and hipsters. Called "How I Became a Hipster," it's full of tired clichés (hipsters=beards,… Read Full Story

Diplo and Skrillex Are Joining Forces

1.  Diplo and Skrillex are joining forces to release new material, do a few performances together, and (probably) take over the world. Their new band/couple name? Jack U. [via Pitchfork]2.  Joss Whedon is having a… Read Full Story

...And Here's the Great Gatsby Version of Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love"

1.  We don't know how to feel about Emile Sandé & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra's 1920's version of Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love." Is it good or is it spooky scary? [via Pop Culture Brain]2.  Remember… Read Full Story
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Oh No, The Porn Parody of Parks and Recreation

1.  Oh gawd, here's the trailer for the porn parody of Parks and Recreation, "Porks & Recreation." As much as we love making fun of porn parodies, Parks and Rec is too sweet and well-meaning… Read Full Story

Max Fish Might Come to Williamsburg...

1. Max Fish (might) be moving to Brooklyn. The move to 132 Metropolitan Avenue (that's right next door to Nitehawk Cinema, by the by) happens only if they get the liquor license.  Sign THIS petition… Read Full Story
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Nicki Minaj Will Finally Have a (Non-Animated) Role in a Movie

1.  Nicki Minaj is going to be in a movie (a non-animated one). She'll play Cameron Diaz's "opinionated" assistant at a law firm -- who also happens to be on her third marriage -- in… Read Full Story
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Here's The Song The XX Made for The Great Gatsby

1.  Here's "Together," the song that the xx made for The Great Gatsby. [via Vulture]2.  Rob Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest that since he's gained weight, he sometimes cries when he sees himself naked in the… Read Full Story
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Nadia G. Mock-Raps About "Hipster Brunch" and It's Pretty Embarrassing

1.  Here's Cooking Channel personality Nadia G. being really embarrassing while mock-rapping about "Brooklyn hipster brunch." Oh god, Nadia G. [via Eater]2.  The Staten Island Ferris Wheel might have Google Glass technology. According to AdAge,… Read Full Story
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Bloomberg Wrote A Funny Poem

1.  The very short poem Michael Bloomberg wrote for "Poem In Your Pocket" day is pretty funny: "I don't write like Whitman, I don't rhyme like Pope / I don't sound like Ezra Pound (or… Read Full Story
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Kim and Kris Are Finally Divorced

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are now officially divorced and Kris got no money. [via Dlisted]Justin Bieber channeled Spring Breakers on his Instagram. Oh god, Justin Bieber. [via Dlisted]The Digital Public Library of America… Read Full Story
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Amanda Seyfried As Regina George?

1.  Amanda Seyfried told Allure that if the Mean Girls musical happens, "I desperately want to be Regina." We told ourselves that if this musical doesn't happen, we're going to fall into a deep, deep… Read Full Story
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Patton Oswalt Ad-Libbed the Plot for the Next Star Wars Movie

1.  Patton Oswalt improvised an entire, very detailed potential plot of Star Wars Episode VII in this clip of Parks and Recreation. Can someone broker a meeting between his agent and JJ Abrams?2.  The New… Read Full Story

Jon Hamm Being As Dreamy As Usual on Sesame Street

1.  Oh no, bearded Jon Hamm explaining "sculpture" on Sesame Street! We're swooning.  2.  Azealia Banks' new video for 'Yung Rapunxel' is finally here and let's just say it doesn't visually disappoint. We're shockingly okay… Read Full Story