80s Twiiiiins + Sqirls, a Girls Parody = Eight Items Or Less

1. Here's a surprisingly effective parody of Girls called Sqirls. [via Gothamist]

2. Love this grizzly bear sleeping bag. [Buzzfeed via eikoishizawa.com]

3. A hoax made a few rounds of the Internet earlier this week alleging that Bill Murray would be embarking on a national "Party Crashing" tour in August (doing exactly what it sounds like) but, alas, if it's too good to be true it probably is.  The biggest "tell" that it was fake was probably that the phone number listed on the "official website" was really that of Westboro Baptist Church. [via Chicagoist]

4. Behold, a wondrous photo gallery simply known as "80s Twiiiins." [World's Best Ever via Internet K-Hole]

5. Watch Amy Poehler give excellent advice to a pre-teen girl asking about make-up.  Even though she and Will Arnett only have sons right now, this makes us think what a good mom Amy would be to a daughter! [via Vulture]

6. Check out scenes from the "Chap Olympiad," London's "Annual Contest of Gentlemanly Prowess" where events included butler racing and umbrella jousting. [via Laughing Squid]

8. Here's an adorable video of Modern Family actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (a.k.a. Cam and Mitchell's daughter Lily) singing Adele's "Someone Like You." [via Hypervocal]

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