Sarah Silverman showed off her weed vaporizer pen to Giuliana Rancic. She must have been vaping in her limo because the speech she gave later on made no sense. [Vine via Gawker]

lenaemmys.gifLena Dunham was giving face (or something) on the red carpet. [via HuffPo]

Jimmy Kimmel's ribbing of Matthew McConaughey was awesome...

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 8.01.32 AM.png...but what was even more awesome was the fact that McConaughey and his True Detective co-star Woody Harrelson showed up to the awards dressed like the Butabi brothers from A Night at the Roxbury. [via Pop Sugar]

Billy Eichner took Seth Meyers along for some "Billy On the Street" action where he asked a bunch of New Yorkers what they thought about the Emmys including who their favorite Emmys host was ("Jimmy Fallon" "Right answer!"), their feelings on Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany and Mindy Kaling each getting snubbed and whether they would donate to a fund benefiting the cast of Big Bang Theory. [via NBC]

juliaemmyskiss.gifWhile on her way to accept her Emmy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus got ambushed by her one-time Seinfeld love interest (Tim Watley!), Bryan Cranston, who planted a big one (actually, many big ones) on her. GET A ROOM YOU TWO! [via HuffPo]

Weird Al performed a medley of TV theme songs, adding his own lyrics to the scores. It...was okay (but we'd rather listen to him skewer "Royals" and "Fancy" thank you very much). [via NBC]

For reasons unknown, Gwen Stefani totally effed up the pronunciation of The Colbert Report. [via Vine]