Former Paper cover girl Chelsea Handler ended Chelsea Lately last night but, apparently, not before she gifts the world with more shower fight segments. Here, Ellen DeGeneres talks some major shit to her. 

Someone posted this video to Reddit with the description: "My friend is recently unemployed. This is what he has been doing with his time." What follows is a pants-peeingly funny MASTERPIECE. Keep on livin' unemployed recorder dude. [Uproxx]

A supercut of the 50 best celebrity ice bucket challenge videos. Go for the Tina Fey, stay for the Oprah. [TastefullyOffensive]

Rick Rubin's ice bucket challenge is insane. [Uproxx]

colbore.jpgThe Colbert Report updated its intro to reflect Gwen Stefani's WTF Emmys pronunciation. [Uproxx]

10BMD.jpgKanye-quote-needlepoint is definitely a craft genre we'd like to know. [Mlkshk]

nickjonaslorde.png  Shout out to our awkward girls. [Laughterkey]
Spike the cockatoo feeds Great Danes some treats. Good job, Spike! [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_na2bg6zEgd1tevtzfo1_1280.jpgHappy Wednesday from the best gravestone ever. You know Kay was the BEST time. [LaughterKey]