No stranger to the celebrity dick pick here at Papermag, we offer a long, slow clap to the staff at Jezebel for this mildly horrifying but no less entertaining visualization of what Disney Princes might look like naked. Jezebel took this task seriously, with the dick size, shape, color and pube situation of each chiseled knight-in-shining-NSFW-armor carefully considered. Check out a few below and see the rest on Jezebel. Why hello there, Prince Eric.

Frozen's Kristoff. Let it GO-nads.

Cinderella's Prince Charming has two magic pumpkins and a bibbity-bobbity-boo for you.

b6kjk3lfetqdib1rrmik.jpgAladdin will show you a whole new world. Don't you dare close your eyes.

zgkxsi3jiplne4wc62d3.jpgPrince Eric's whatchamacallit? He's got plenty.