Hats off to Vulture who dredged up Robin Thicke's acting debut from the far corners of on-demand programming. Back in 2012, a full year before Thicke would find success (and notoreity) with "Blurred Lines" and two years before he'd embarrass himself with his sad-sack "win her back" album, Paula, the singer appeared in a movie opposite Jaime Pressly called Abby in the Summer -- later renamed Making the Rules. In the "film," he played a skeevy Silver Lake hairdresser who seduces his ex (Pressly), a chef with a rocky marriage. In the above super cut of some of Thicke's best (worst?) scenes, we watch him smirk, brood, squint, and breathily say things like, "You know, I think of you all the time. When you left without saying anything? That was fucked up." And, since Pressly's character happens to share the same name as this writer, we can't stop getting extra strong douche chills whenever we hear Thicke half-whisper "Abby..."

Trigger warning: there's a really squirm-inducing makeout shot at 1:19.