The Guardians of the Galaxy cast was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and Chris Pratt told a story about ambien texting a creepy wrestling challenge to his WWE co-star. [Uproxx]

Way-too-honest Abe. [Mlkshk]

And people act like having kids isn't fun. Also: WHAT IS THIS? [RocknPizzaRolls]

Conan and Carl Reiner invent the Selfishie, in which you totally block the other person in the photo. [Uproxx]

ZTUJ.jpgFree upsetting Valentine for your files! [Mlkshk]

ZU2W.jpgHangs head in shame. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_n3ttgjIwmZ1qiuu0qo1_500.pngTuesday motto. [LaughterKey]