Here's just about every single Orange Is the New Black Character on Law and Order. [Hypervocal]

tumblr_n6x3bbFbce1rby04wo1_1280.gifFree tattoo idea. [JuliaSegal]

Someone made this very accurate Wikipedia update after yesterday's spectacular game. [Uproxx]

hankssoccergame.pngTom Hanks and his family were also freaking the F out over the USA vs. Belgium game yesterday. BUT WHERE IS CHET HAZE? [Buzzfeed via Colin Hanks' Insta]

Dear drunk idiots on the train at 4 a.m. who think they're being so "out-there" pretending the railings are stripper poles: If you aint slipping and sliding we don't care. This is how it's done. [Gothamist]

tumblr_n7y2h93M3V1rkrx5io1_500.jpgNailed it. [FYouNoFMe]

Happy Wednesday! Meet the number-one cool guy in town. [BusterBeans]