tumblr_n8f5ep7d051tga27vo1_1280.jpgMeet your new favorite sad Tumblr, Sad Brazilians. This guy ate his shirt, he was so sad. H/T @JennyLsq.

tumblr_n8euvcDrS91r944koo1_500.gifIt was the red wedding episode of the World Cup. [LaughterKey]

Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry formed a human wheel-thing on the Tonight Show last night. It was a little awkward.

tumblr_mqy8fxhFxT1spvwooo1_250.pngOK, you know that bun was at least kind of good. [WhatIsGoingOnPleaseHelp]

tumblr_n8ct93f5Bm1r5tdbno1_1280.jpgWe see what you did there, Shaq. [Digg]

Don't hate the player, hate the GAME. [Mlkshk]

David Letterman made fun of Joan Rivers for her stupid CNN walk-out by walking out on her mid-interview. [Uproxx]

tumblr_n8dsl66mn81qaa8iwo1_1280.pngSame. [LaughterKey]