Joe Manganiello went on Conan last night and showed him some hott stripper moves. [Uproxx]
Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon race kayaks through a maze that includes Josh Gad throwing fish and TWO Elton John impersonators. [Uproxx]

Just gonna set this here and run away real quick. [Via Jeremy Scott -- but not that Jeremy Scott's -- Vine]

gayDtec.pngSomeone made Games of Thrones sigll for every state and it's amazing  [Reddit]

TrwuNH2.jpg'90s the rock. With a tiny fanny pack. That is all. [Reddit]

wikipolo.png:/ [Mlkshk]

Scream into a pillow forever and punch the air because it's too much and too cute and ahhhhhhhh: Here's a video of a piglet named Pigalina meeting a patient, sleeping pit bull who is OK with her nuzzles and snorts. Oh god, help us. [Jezebel]

Happy Wednesday! [FYeahDementia]