This drive by compliments video is giving us a case of the Friday good vibes. [TastefullyOffensive]
 tumblr_n8i5vumtUl1qk7pano1_500.pngLarry David + Skrillex = Pretty, pretty, PRETTY good. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_n8igqxNlzf1ruw1vso1_1280.jpgIf you need us, we'll be drinking whiskey in a dark room. [Digg]
Pretty much our new favorite music video ever. Also, what the F is this? [FYeahDementia]

JRKsvt4.pngDAYyyyyumdamndamndamnnnn! [Reddit]

 ZOOS.jpgDJ Got Da Morbs does have a nice ring to it... or just DJ Morbs? It's up for grabs if anyone wants it. [Mlkshk]

Sob forever! Here's a video of a puppy comforting an older dog who's having a nightmare. [TastefullyOffensive]

With a forward by Dr. I.D. Gaf, TL;DR, Ph.D. [LiarTown]

Happy Friday from baby Ellen DeGeneres. [ThisIsNotPorn]