A baby named Leon discovers his eyebrows in the mirror and it's just delightful. Your Monday antidote. [DailyDot]
Dejected USA fans during Portugal's bullshit last-second goal yesterday. Sad trombone forever.

If Jurassic Park actually starred a tubby bulldog named Wally. [DailyDot]

ZG9D.jpgTeam Fat.[Mlkshk]

 Just a squirrel named Marky Mark who comes when his name is called, NO BIG DEAL. [Uproxx]
Pearl Jam performs "Let It Go" at some concert because, sure, fine. [TastefullyOffensive]

ZFVM.jpgKate and Willie look weird. [Mlkshk]

ZFX0.jpgThis week's motto. Thank you, TP. [Mlkshk]