Watch Jimmy Fallon make a screaming and crying Kevin Hart face his deep fear of roller coasters on last night's Tonight Show. (Not for people who don't like heights. Or bugs.) [Uproxx]

This grapefruit blow job-technique video (???) is not even remotely safe to watch at work (no nudity, but dildos), but it's the weirdest/best/weirdest thing we've ever seen. Just watch. The. Whole. Thing. The sound effects, oh god, the sound effects. What is happening? This was dubbed, right? Help us! [LaughterKey]

Just gonna leave this right here. [CourtneyLove's Instagram]

tumblr_mfod0vBrLn1rxni5wo1_1280.pngWe see what you did there. [LaughterKey]

A baby makes an impassioned jibberish speech to a bulldog. [TastefullyOffensive]
 tumblr_n7bwg6h8Xm1qewacoo1_500.jpgPurrraise Lucifur! (Sorry) [TastefullyOffensive]

ZDO5.jpgA+. [Mlkshk]