fresh faces
Everyone knows the big names -- Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Kate, Karlie, Jordan, Cara -- but the next big thing is just a catwalk or campaign away. To find out who the fresh faces to watch are we asked fashion industry insiders on who they have their eyes on this coming season. 

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of PUBLIC SCHOOL: Andreea Diaconu

PS_fav1.jpg"We took Andreea to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards and aside from being beautiful, like next door beautiful, she's got such a fun spirit." 

Allure Editor-in-Chief LINDA WELLS: Anna Ewers and Cindy Bruna

Digitals-September-13-2013-Anna-Ewers-Women-Management-NYC-3.jpg"Anna looks a little like Brigitte Bardot crossed with Claudia Schiffer, without any hint of retro. She's a luscious beauty with a full, pouty mouth and a double lip line, like Kate Moss. She's what the fashion world likes to call 'womanly' -- which is another way of saying she's curvy and not rail-thin."
Cindy+Bruna+(1).JPG"Cindy represents the great mix of beauty today. Her father is Italian, her mother Congolese, and she grew up in France. She has a majestic look and a big, winning smile; it's that rare combination of elegance and warmth."

Street style photographer TOMMY TON: Benjamin Jarivs and Mijo Mihaljcic

TTModels.jpg"When a model carries him/herself both on and off the catwalk with ease and confidence that's when I take notice. I also take into account personal style because it's a reflection of how they're adapting to being around so many different types of people in the industry and whether they want to embrace it in the way they dress. I think Benjamin and Mijo embody that 'it' factor and look so cool in everything that they wear."

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of OPENING CEREMONY/KENZO: Emma Waldo

251612-500w.jpg"We love working with Emma Waldo -- and her brother Ethan too! Not only is she so fresh and interesting, but commands such a great runway presence." 

Lindsey Degen of DEGEN: John Hein and Li Ming

tumblr_magd70PW7k1rn4y9zo3_500.jpg"I think John's beautiful, but furthermore really funny and bright. He doesn't take himself too seriously, is a great interior decorator, loves to cook and has a degree in environmental studies." 

169015-500w.jpg"Li Ming is versatile, smart and down for whatever. She is also a great dancer which makes working with her easy. You also cannot find a sweeter, more gentle person anywhere."

Lucky Editor-in-Chief EVA CHEN: Neelam Gill, Soojoo Park, Anais Mali, Ophelie Guillermand and Binx Walton 

neelam-evac.jpg"Neelam Gill has been one to watch ever since Christopher Bailey [Burberry] cast her. I really do hope there are more Southeast Asian models on the horizon."
Soo+Joo+soojmooj.blogspot.jpg"I love Soo Joo Park's quirky personal style and her off-the-charts Instagram!"

anaism.png"Anais Mali is pure elegance and moves beautifully."

192503-500w.jpg"Ophelie Guillermand is so beautiful, obviously, but there's a depth and strength to her as well."

Binx+digital-10.jpg"I love a model with short hair! Binx Walton's downtown-cool balances with refined features."

Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of TOME: Grace Mahary

122586-500w.jpg"The minute we laid eyes upon Grace Mahary we knew we wanted her to open our first runway show. She has an elegance and GRACE beyond her years, a beauty that transcends race, and a poise that is born of intelligence and humanity. The second she steps out onto a runway her effortless stride has everyone's eyes on her. She is one in a million. We LOVE Grace!"

Designer KATIE GALLAGHER: Harleth Kuusik and Marley Chapman 

harleth.jpg"Harleth Kuusik looks youthful and very ethereal yet has something hard and somewhat backwoods or southern looking about her -- which I love!"

264585-500w.jpg"Marley Chapman is a boy that looks like a doll."