Watch Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson flawlessly catch a frisbee mid-song during a recent show and keep playing. [Uproxx]

Let's hear it for Sting's weird-ass clap at last night's Tony awards. [Dlisted]

The 10 most hated songs, according to some website. Indeed, Rednex's "Cotton Eye Joe" is the devil's work.

ZB79.gifOrange Is the New Black, Season 2. All. Weekend. Long. [Mlkshk]

Just a photo of Nicolas Cage wearing a t-shirt with a photo of himself on it, as well as chaps. Also, Andrew Dice Clay was there. These two are the living embodiment of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. [Uproxx]

tumblr_n6pd1a8DdR1qaucvno2_r1_1280.jpgThis looks incredibly dangerous. [LaughterKey]

Apollo the exhausted English bulldog snores like a cartoon character and it's the best. [TastefullyOffensive]

All of the slow-motion scenes in Wes Anderson movies. [TastefullyOffensive]