Triumph the Insult Comic Dog makes his way to Brazil in part 3 of his World Cup coverage for Conan. Spoiler: Everyone gets pooped on.
 flickcandles-divorce.jpegDoes this come in a linen and room spray? [Uproxx]
How to remove an owl from your house with a Swiffer. "Please don't fly, please don't fly." [Digg]
 tumblr_n7rb07ksuj1qb5gkjo3_r1_400.gifUh...ok...I guess this is happening. [FYeahDementia]

tumblr_n7i5mkAbtn1qen7vfo1_500.pngAubrey Plaza is here for you. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Flashback Friday. [Mlkshk]

ZIRM.gifWeeeeeeeekennnnnnnnnd. [Mlkshk]