This just might be the both worst and best Weezer cover of all time. Poor buddies. (And, P.S., that is totally how we would have reacted, keyboard player/singer. Team Shrug and Stand There 4-LYFE.) [Funny or Die]

Paul Rudd feels theexact same way about the World Cup as you do. [Uproxx]

Come on, who says cats are heartless, deceitful soul-bandits that will immediately eat your corpse if you die alone in your house? 

This ref missed a handshake before the Spain-Chile match yesterday. A classically-uncool "head rub" recovery is made okay though, when it's laughed off by supernaturally-handsome Spanish captain Iker Casillas. [RyanFagan]

4xJH4ui.jpg:'( [Reddit]

No better start to the day than looking at a tiny hamster eating tiny spaghetti. [Reddit]

Watch "The Future," a new Above Average web series starring stand-up Emily Heller. In this episode, she gives Olivia Wilde a lightening-round tarot card reading.