National Geographic has an upcoming three-part mini-series on the '90s titled The '90s: The Last Great Decade? (we would have gone with a less circumspect, "The '90s: We Guess They Were Fine") which documents, in part, the rise of Nirvana. The above clip features present-day interviews with Courtney Love and noted music expert Shannen Doherty talking about the importance of Nirvana, as well as old interview footage of Cobain. Cobain, who was vocal about his unease with fame and even cited his unhappiness with being in the spotlight in his suicide letter, is quoted in the video saying, "I'm too stubborn to allow myself to ever compromise our music or turn us into big rock stars. I just don't feel like that." Love, however, says that Cobain "was desperate to be the biggest rock star in the world. But he made it look like it was thrust upon him." Check out the clip above, which also features Cobain doing his impression of Kevin Costner in Madonna's Truth or Dare from 1991: The Year that Punk Broke. The '90s: The Last Great Decade? premieres on Sunday, July 6th, and will make you feel exactly 1.5 million years old.