Andy Samberg hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and two, count 'em, two, digital shorts were featured on the episode, including this one in dedicated to all the hug players 'round the world. (Orphan Black's Tatiana Malany makes a cameo.)

The other short was all about the bass. And what happens when it drops. Oh god, help us all.

Putting this on our summer reading list. [BradenGraeber]

We've always seen Justin Bieber as a proud, independent woman. [Reddit]

Matthew McConaughey is in New Orleans filming an Amazing Race segment with Drew Brees. He's staying across the street from Brad Pitt's house, who came out onto the balcony and threw Matthew a beer while onlookers went nuts. [Uproxx]

A fantastic ad for testicle cologne that got cut from this weekend's Saturday Night Live.