Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 4.45.37 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-05-23 at 4.45.44 PM.pngKlassiest Bachelorette Party of the Week: Kim Kardashian's. As Elle points out, Kim's second run at bachelorette party was definitely a lot less basic than the first. But based on the location (Versailles), the outfits (pearl-embroidered Balmain), and the themed dinner (The Last Supper), I've got a sneaking suspicion that the girls night out was probably more about Kanye than Kim. -- Gabby Bess [Photos via Instagram]

Conan of the Week: Watch Conan play a video game and solve crimes by starting new ones. -- Tucker Chet Markus

Most Hysterical Interview of the Week: This one on Stereogum, in which Chromeo's P-Thugg speaks fondly -- and unironically -- about his love for Guy Fieri and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. GET READY FOR THE RETURN OF THE LATE-90s BOWLING SHIRT. -- Abby Schreiber

drake-613x613.jpgMost Obsession-Worthy Instagram of the Week: @rapperswithpuppies. Of course Drake would incorporate cuddling with dogs into his #sensitiverapper brand, but not even the hardest of MC's can resist that sweet, sweet puppy love. -- G.B. [via Into the Gloss]

Most Important Holiday of the Week: World Goth Day. On Tumblr, goth takes on a lot of different meanings. There's pale-goth, soft-goth, ghetto-goth, and just about any other goth to suit your specifically dark tastes. But I hope everyone celebrated being goth the old fashion way: by not celebrating at all. -- G.B.

Playa Child of the Week: This 5-year-old. BE GRATEFUL FOR THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE, KID, ONE DAY YOU'LL BE WISHING YOU HAD EVEN 1/3 OF THE GIRLFRIENDS YOU HAVE TODAY. *shakes head, weeps manfully* -- T.C.M.

Other Playa Child of the Week: This guy. BE GRATEFUL FOR THE SMOOTH GAME YOU POSSESS TODAY, KID, ONE DAY YOU'LL BE WISHING YOU HAD EVEN 1/3 OF THE GAME YOU POSSESS TODAY. *shakes head, weeps uncontrollably, is asked to take the rest of the day off* -- T.C.M.

Most ???? Collab of the Week: Tevas x Opening Ceremony. Revamping the classic outdoorsy bro/nerd/dad shoe, OC promises that "these comfortable soles are as perfect for the club as they are for the great outdoors." But I'm skeptical. Tevas are ugly. Make them gold and trendy if you want but they will always be ugly. I can only imagine that the target demographic for these shoes is someone who likes The Jogging way too much. -- G.B.

Most Interesting Sub-Culture of the Week: South Africa's izikhothane, street crews of young men who battle each other with style and show off who can be the most extravagant. -- A.S.

Michael-Thorsby---The-Souflee-That---7_900.pngTrippiest Cookbook of the Week: The Souffle That Smiled At Me, A Guide To The Psychedelic Cuisine by Terence Wright. This beautiful and odd book, isn't your typical recipe guide. If you've always struggled to make a decent meal while on mushrooms, this Michael Thorsby designed book is your ticket to culinary nirvana. -- G.B.