If only all divorces produced songs this bangin'. With "Bad Law," Norwegian Brooklyn transplant Sondre Lerche seems to reassign most of the five stages of loss: "denial" turns to "mellow summer vibes," "anger" to "spazz-core" and "acceptance" to "disco euphoria." Sure beats crying and playing air-drums to "All By Myself."

In that spirit, we whipped up a playlist of the bounciest breakup songs we could think of. We've also included a selection of lyrics from the songs, which you can transcribe into your journal or scream out the window on your way to Fort Tilden.

1) When crimes are passionate can love be separate?
--Sondre Lerche, "Bad Law"

2) When you say it's all over, hell yeah.
--Deerhoof, "Breakup Songs"

3) Father, tell me how it is
I know you've been through all of this
You ran away so many times
Your kids, your heart, a couple dimes
--Little Dragon, "Ritual Union"

4) Love or not, I've always got ten guys on whom I can depend
And if you're not mine, one less is nine, get wise,
I thought you were my boyfriend
--The Magnetic Fields, "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend"

5) No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong
--Ace of Base, "The Sign"

6) But there's love in your eyes
Love in your eyes, love in your eyes
But maybe that's just what your lover finds
All night!
--LCD Soundsystem, "I Can Change"

7) 'Cause every gift, every letter, every promise of forever
Now, it's out of sight
Like you were never alive
--Katy Perry, "Ghost"

8) Love is saying baby it's all right
When deep inside you're really petrified
--Queen, "I Can't Live With You"

9) I've got grounds for divorce
It's in my blood this divorce
I separate everybody, I need distance from your body
Oh I deserve this anguish on my house
--Tegan & Sara, "Night Watch"

10) I'm so restless, I don't care what I say
And I lose my temper ten times a day
Still it's even worse when the night's on its way
--ABBA, "If It Wasn't For the Nights"

11) I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
That much is true
But even then I knew I'd find a much better place
Either with or without you
--The Human League, "Don't You Want Me"

12) Wake up lonely
Because you left me all on my own
And still I'm wounded with a fever
I miss your bones
--Hospitality, "I Miss Your Bones"

13) It was just like a dream
You let all my friends come over and meet
And you were so strange
You didn't have the decency to change the sheets
--Prince, "When You Were Mine Lyrics"