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The internet gods have shined upon us this fine Friday morning, bestowing us with this sparkly, sparkly gem that is Jon Hamm on a '90s dating show called "The Big Date." A date with Jon would mean "starting off with some fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, ended with a fabulous foot massage, for an evening of total fabulousity." LAME.Don Draper would slap Jon in the mouth for that answer if he had the chance. [Vulture]

An Alternate Gravity scene that will blow your mind. [FYeahDementia]
We're still having a hard time accepting that David Letterman will retire next year, so let's pretend like it's not happening and watch this classic 1987 clip of Dave having a tea party with two monkeys who are OVER IT. 

Let it bro, let it brooooo! [Mlkshk]

4diWbuh.jpgNPR-AprilFools3.jpgNPR's April Fool's joke was GENIUS. [Uproxx]

mrcleantulips.jpgAnd I'll smell their pretty smells FOREVER and EVER. And then I'll eat your face off. [RatsOff]

Y9OE.gifHi weekend. [Mlkshk]