Our favorite new "freaky princess" of the rap game, Brooke Candy, has a new video out, "Opulence," and it reminds us of what would happen if you took a grindhouse movie, a fashion film and a party scene from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, put them in a blender, and pressed "mix." Accompanying the artist's sing-rapping and Miley-esque twang are amazing shots of Candy covered in glitter and bejeweled masks (they even put Kanye's Yeezus tour get-ups to shame), dancing in underground S&M clubs, and driving down a dark road like some demented Daisy Buchanan. If you've already started to pick up on vibes reminiscent of Madonna or Lady Gaga, you're not far off. The video was directed by the legendary photographer (and Madonna/Gaga collaborator) Steven Klein and styled by Nicola Formichetti, who, you'll recall was Gaga's long-time stylist before taking up his creative director posts at Thierry Mugler and now Diesel.

"Opulence" is the title track off of Candy's forthcoming EP (out May 6) and was written with help from Sia and produced by Diplo. Check it out, above.