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Watch this L.A. anchorman react live to the earthquake yesterday. His "I just shit myself" face is amazing. Glad no one was hurt. [via Tastefully Offensive]

Here's Patton Oswalt parodying Matthew McConaughey's "Time is a Flat Circle" speech from True Detective. Nails it. [via Comedy Central]

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.19.51 PM.pngWe're gonna say that Beyoncé, Bill Murray, Sleeping In and Snow Day In Front of a Fire Place are gonna make it to the Final Four. [via The Clearly Dope]

tumblr_n28pq8WNO21rn7bzro1_500.jpgTrue. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

tumblr_ma47en0syR1qawlwvo1_500.jpgEveryday I'm hustlin'.  [via Rats Off]

tumblr_myp1j48Kbm1sl9y2yo1_500.jpgBut next time can you send a backwards pic? [via F You No F Me]

Another day, another Ginuwine video. This time it's a "McConnelling" clip -- that is, a montage of GOP Senator Mitch McConnell smiling warmly and wordlessly set to "Pony." Enjoy. [via Jezebel]

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Kermit the Frog went on the Tonight Show last night and performed a duet of "It's Not Easy Being Green" with Jimmy Fallon. [via Tonight Show]