Lena Dunham hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and one of the episode's many highlights was this trailer for Girls ... if it was a blockbuster biblical movie.

Stop what you're doing and watch SNL's Taran Killam do a fantastic True Detective-y impersonation of Matthew McConaughey. "Supper time, pot luck, and daddy brought it all."

Here's a crazy video of a 7-year-old doing a perfect impersonation of Billie Holiday on Norway's got talent. What? How? Who? [DailyDot]

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert play an intense round of "truth or truth."

jonhammtumblr_n25l2xbp5c1ru72puo1_400.gifYour new reaction GIF for everything. [MattsGIFs]

XSYL.pngOfficially proposing marriage to whoever wrote this caption. BE MINE! [Mlkshk]

pino tumblr_n2365hljkv1ql5yr7o1_500.gifEmergency, call the cops! [RealityTVGIFS]

mayortomforddst2014.jpgRob Ford doesn't know how daylight savings works. [Dlisted]

XSIX.jpgReal talk. [Mlkshk]

Monday is brought to you by these BEST DOGS IN THE WORLD patiently waiting to be called to dinner. [TastefullyOffensive]