Do you frequently spend whole nights deciding what to watch on Netflix? Well now you can cancel that $13.99 subscription and get on the $5/month "Just Browse" plan that lets you scope hundreds of movies you've always wanted to watch but will never actually take the time to sit down and do it. [via The Clearly Dope]

Hannibal Burress and Paper Beautiful Person Taran Killam appeared in a video last night to announce Bonnaroo's lineup, which is awesomely going to be headlined by Elton John and Kanye. Keep an eye out for Wayne Coyne, a chicken, Ben Folds, a garden gnome of some sort and more funky freshness. [via Bonnaroo]

Word to the wise. [via Humor Train]

Here's a cute Royal Tenenbaums parody with pups. [via Laughing Squid]

tumblr_n19gvzvVFf1qa0uujo1_500.jpgOh yes, New Mexico, oh yes! [via Nerve]

tumblr_n0y1l4IFU21qz6f9yo1_500.jpgJust John Waters with his parents. [via Trill Adam Clark]

Larry David was *almost* cast as Frank Underwood in House of Cards. Here's what the series would have looked like if that had happened. [via Funny Or Die]

Jonah Hill came by the Tonight Show and he and Jimmy Fallon had a Twitter conversation IRL. The Internet is #Blessed. [via Tonight Show]

And, speaking of Jonah Hill, here's a clip of a pre-Superbad Hill playing a Rick Rubin-esque producer that records a song about handjobs with Maroon 5. [via Gawker]